On 09 Nov 2018, a MOU was signed between the University of Valladolid,
Valladolid, Spain and DCKF (DC School of Management and Technology and
DC School of Architecture and Design) covering the following areas:-

(a) Exchanging researchers, teaching staff, administrative staff and
students, within the framework of the provisions established between the
two countries.

(b) Organising coordinated teaching activities.

(c). Carrying out research and/or innovation projects in accordance with the available budget in any of the areas of common interests .

(d) Jointly conducting historical, language or any other type of
publication which may respond to the common interest of both

(e). Organising international congresses and conferences.

The MOU was signed by the Vice Chancellor of University of Valladolid Mr
Antonio Largo Cabrerizo and on behalf of DCSMAT Institutions by Brig MC
Ashok Kumar, Group Director DCSMAT Institutions and Ar TM Cyriac,
Principal, DC School of Architecture and Design. This will be followed
by specific MOUs with University of Valladolid’s School of Architecture:
and Faculty of Commerce.

The University of Valladolid is one of the oldest universities in the
world, having been established in the year 1241 AD.

Ar Cyriac, also delivered a talk in the roundtable meet of AR&PA
Congress along with other eminent personalities including Luigi
Franciosini, Universita Degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy Juan Carlos Prieto
Vielba, Director, Santa Maria la Real del Parimonio Historico, Elena
Ruiz Valderes, Director del Museo Romano de Cartagena, Martha Thorne,
Executive Director of Pritzker Architecture Prize and Caterina Valenza
Gonsalves, Director de Spira, Portugal

He also attended the Smart City Expo World Congress organised at
Barcelona, Spain.from 14 to 16 of Nov 2018.