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Dc School Of Architecture And Design Consultancy - BUS STAND AT ELLAPARA

Updated: Dec 2, 2017

Dc School Of Architecture And Design Consultancy Constituting Ar.George, Ar.Vivek and Ar.Hieba set forth with a new initiative in designing a bus stand for Ellapara. The design solution which is compact yet meeting all the requirements of a bus station, creates a new landmark to the place by enhancing its quality of build volume, spatial experience as well as material selection which all were in cooperated from the contextual forces. Preliminary presentation of the project happened at Ellapara Grama Panchayath on 26 Oct 2017 in the presence of Panchayath President , 20 Panchayath members and other dignitaries. The design was widely appreciated and approved, the project estimate is 1 crore , and the project will commence soon �